The famous warship, the last of the tribal class, has served in the WWII and the Cold War. It was built in 1942 for the Royal Canadian Navy and was converted to a destroyer in 1952. It was then decommissioned in 1963. And 15 years ago, it was finally opened for public viewing. Now you can get a chance to explore this legendary ship while imagining the scenes of the war. You get to see the officers’ cabins and the historic decks. Also, listen intently to the veterans who will serve as your volunteer guides. They will give you a better picture about what really happened in the war. They’re a lot better than the history books as they had first-hand accounts of the war.

Canada’s proud history of wartime naval service is vividly on display aboard legendary HMCS Haida, a Tribal class destroyer that served in the Second World War, the Korean Conflict and the Cold War. Distinguishing herself in several historic battles, the Royal Canadian Navy’s most famous ship now proudly rests in Hamilton. Explore its historic decks and imagine yourself as a crew member of the destroyer dubbed ‘Canada’s most fightingest ship’.